Seen But Not Heard Photography: Blog en-us (C) Seen But Not Heard Photography (Seen But Not Heard Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:30:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:30:00 GMT Seen But Not Heard Photography: Blog 120 120 THEY ARE ALL GROWN UP! The wolf pups are no longer pups!


After photographing the new cougar cubs at Fur Ever Wild, we went to find the wolf pups, I shot earlier this summer.  Certainly not pups anymore...Forslin-9276

But as gentle as can be-really!


I would like to think they remembered me, but I think it was Adam they were happy to see.

Forslin-9256 Forslin-9267


Now you have two reasons to drive to Fur Ever Wild, Lakeville.  The cougar cubs and the wolves!

 A great place to take the kids.

Visit their website and  

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NOTHING IS SWEETER THEN A BABY..... even if they have 4 legs and a tail!


I spent part of last weekend back at Fur Ever Wild photographing their new cougar cubs.


And like any other baby...they are a bit curious.  

Forslin-9400 Forslin-9388
















But, the best shot of all doesn't answer the old question, "Nikon vs Canon".  The picture was shot with a Canon (notice the great colors and clarity) but the Nikon stood up for durability!


If you have time, be sure to stop out at Fur Ever Wild in Lakeville.  The baby cougars are just 8 weeks old and can only be held for a few more weeks.  It is worth the drive.....


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Amur Leopard Yesterday I was invited, along with the media, to photograph the Amur Leopard Cubs.  Here are a few of my favorite shots!







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MN Zoo New Tiger Cubs The MN Zoo offered me the shoot of a lifetime....photographing their NEW Amur Tiger Cubs!Forslin-3533 There was lots of media play...on the news, in the paper and all over the web.  It was great fun to see a few of my images out there.  These precious cubs, temporarily known as Minneapolis and St. Louis are more then a bundle of joy!

Just like infants that are hungry, they let you know.....Forslin-3484





















And, helping to calm them when the other one is being bottle feed, they can be soothed with a little help from a "nuk".

Forslin-3464 The MN Zoo is very proud of these little ones.  And I know many are anxious for them to be on exhibit.   But until then, I am glad I have these images to share....Forslin-3389 Forslin 3500 Forslin-3476 Forslin 3510 Forslin-3447

Forslin 3514

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Siblings I have the best job in the world!  I get the honor of photographing families just having fun~

Forslin-2937 These 3 kids were such willing participants in front of the camera.  Whether I asked for a laugh (which was easy to come by) or a serious face-they pulled it off with great ease!

Forslin-3020 Forslin-3013 Forslin-2950













































But, the best part of the photo shoot was to watch their Dad so proud of his kids( is the best job in the world)




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Fur Ever Wild Wolf Pups I was fortunate to be invited to photograph wolf pups at Fur Ever Wild in Lakeville, MN.  It was a wonderful experience!  I rolled, ran, chased and photographed 4 pups from 3 different litters.  All the pups were 3-4 months old.  These are just a few of my favorite images....

Be sure to visit Fur Ever Wild in Lakeville.  Besides wolves they have fox, cougars, raccoons, bobcats along with goats that are kid friendly!  It is a great family can find them at  



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A Visit with Adeline in NYC Forslin-1121

Recently, we were in NYC with our granddaughter, Adeline.....our little Sweetheart!

Her smile is so contagious.  Forslin-1218

We went to Madison Park to do a little photo shoot.  These are a few of my favorite images.
































Believe it or not, I did take A FEW pictures that weren't of Adeline!

Forslin-1237 Forslin-1265
















Forslin-1304 Forslin-1346

















But, most were of her.....Forslin-1172





Forslin-1163 Forslin-1157























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Welcome "little" Addison Forslin-0980

Little Addison was at "peace" during my recent photo shoot of her. 



  She was quite a trooper with clothing changes and position.


And, big sister, Jillian was there to keep her calm.  
























Little Addison is a beautiful addition to a wonderful family~

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A Family of Four Forslin-0862 I was asked to photography Emmy's Family as they are preparing for an overseas adoption and needed new family photos.

We had a great time letting the Kids and Dogs run around to burn off energy.



They climbed 


trees, ran thru the yard and played in the leaves.  


I think they enjoyed it as much as I did taking their pictures......

Forslin-0839 Forslin-0909 Forslin-0846 Forslin-0875

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Meet the Colobus Monkey Forslin-9981 The Colobus Monkey is a tree climber.  Unlike other monkeys, they predominately live in the tree tops.  Their origin is the tropical areas of Africa.  

The Colobus Monkey is black and white with a black face and a flowing white mane.


















You can visit the Colobus Monkey and many other types of primates at the MN Zoo.  


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A Quick Trip To the Zoo With only a few hours to spare, I ran to the zoo.  I spent most my time with the exotic birds.  Thank goodness they felt like cooperating....which isn't always the case!

Forslin-0138 Forslin-0165


Forslin-0159 Forslin-0155 Forslin-0130

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